Programs We Offer


$65.00 (30 minutes)
Series of 3 – $150.00


$50.00 (30 minutes)
Series of 3 – $125.00

Private Group–2-4 People

$90.00 (1 hour)
Series of 3 – $225.00

1 Hour Video Lesson

Adults – $100.00
Juniors – $75.00

In this New Golf Program, Jim will be focusing on all aspects of the Game. The Program will consist of 5 half hour lessons and 1 playing lesson with Jim that can be scheduled at your convenience.

The Program will include:

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Complete Player Package

***Jim Muschlitz Lesson Package $600.00***

This Package is perfect for those who are looking to take their game to the next level. From juniors to seniors, and anyone in-between, who are looking to improve so you can beat your friends or compete in local tournaments, this is the package for you. Jim is not only going to work on the technical side of golf that will give you a better chance to hit good shots consistently, but he will teach you how to improve the mental side of your game as well. To better the mental side of one’s game Jim will use the lessons he has learned from Steve Yellin’s Fluid Motion Factor, a book on understanding exceptional golf. Plus Jim will also teach his students various techniques he has learned from Heart Math, a program designed to help control one’s breathing and heart rate when in high pressure situations. Jim will use video analysis to help the player understand where they could improve their swing and give them drills to do so.

This Package will include the following:

Southmoore Junior Golf Programs

Junior Camp (ages 7-17)

Call pro-shop to sign up at 610-837-7200!

Day 1: Fundamentals (Grip, Stance, & Posture) Chipping & Putting
Day 2: Review of Fundamentals and learn full swing
Day 3: Review of full swing, golf rules, etiquette, and play a few holes

Junior Camp: 3 Days – $120.00 ($220.00 for 2 people) / July 8, 9, 10 - 9 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Junior Membership Information

Video Analysis Software

Increases the effectiveness of instruction

79% of golfers feel the use of V1 Pro by teaching professionals will increase or significantly increase the effectiveness of golf lessons.

Aids the learning experience

Visualization is key to improvement. V1 Pro makes it possible to show your students exactly what is happening with their swing. Golfers are instantly able to see adjustments made and improvement in their swing.